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Founded January 2016: Tribal Indemnity. L.L.C. is a Native-owned consulting and project management business focused on Insurance/Risk Management Strategies and HR Consulting for Tribal Sovereign Nations, Tribal Enterprises, and Native owned Small Business. We employ progressive strategies to promote self-governance and self-reliance through tailored on the ground engaged and integrated augmentation of existing departments and programs.

Our solutions are tailored to our Client's Mission.

Our cultural compass is influenced by First Principle Philosophy on all things: "Do what is best for the Tribe and their community as it relates to Tribal Nation Building."

Purpose before profit!

Nation Building and Diversifying Tribal Economies

The What:
As in-house contractors, Tribal Indemnity, LLC will serve as a Project Management/Consulting organization focused on Nation Building through community engagement and capacity building.  Our framework is tailored to fit your nation (not the other way around) via integrated Risk Management mapping and strategic implementation, crystalizing your Nation's vision and mission through planning and execution.

The Why:
Tribal Indemnity is a change agent – our ultimate goal is to leverage federal regulation of tribal self-determnation through experienced, targeted, micro-strategies. Our philosophy is founded on kinship values that foster existing Native talent working to better their communities.

Our Mission:
Increase opportunities for Tribes and their citizens through capacity building, promoting Native-owned business, and diversify economic development opportunities with targeted market insight to tribal leadership.

The Model: Micro-Transitionary Strategic Planning

In 2016, a considerable number of the 567 Tribal Sovereign Nations in the lower 48 still heavily rely on and highly compensate out-sourced "Non-Native" businesses in which the Tribal Sovereign simply will mold themselves to templates of such services. 

As Tribal Governance changes hands to new generations of Nation Builders, our leaders are recognizing that the time is now to flip the colonized script, and create their own templates and molds in order to leverage the Federal Laws that regulate "Self-Determination".

Thanks to the resilience of our Ancestors for enduring the often painful burden of colonization, our generations looking forward now have the platform, talent, and education to strengthen our communities. Tribal Indemnity is one of those change agents with a focus on Purpose before Profit.

Tribal Indemnity, LLC is community attentive Native Owned Project Management/Consulting organization focused on Nation Building through community engagement and capacity building.

Our framework is tailored to fit your nation (not the other way around) via an in-house integrated Risk Management mapping and strategic implementation. 

Depending on the structure of your governance, whether a constitution has been adopted or not, our culturally competent approach brings an assurance to Tribal Risk Management and Economic Development Strategies. Whether you're a direct service or 638, or a combination there of, we work with your Nation's strategic plan and goals as the key indicator of progress and development. If there is no strategic plan in place, we will assist in the coordination of such a plan. 

Our focus is Nation Building through Capacity Building. Competent professionals with forward thinking strategies incorporating self-governance, self-reliance, and of course self-determination as the key driver. As an augment to your Tribal Administration or Enterprise's existing Financial and Human Resource Executive Team, we will contribute toward breaking down departmental silos, and increasing the synchronization of departments and enterprises to compliment the Nation's overall goal. 

Purpose before profit!